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With a commercial real estate sale, development, or leasing deal, you need a commercial real estate broker and developer that understands your business and how it will fit into the local market you’re interested in. The Lerner Company provides detailed market mapping and demographic research for each client we work with. It’s one of the ways we go above and beyond to ensure you see success with your property.

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Why our market research matters

Before you buy, lease, or develop a commercial retail property, you need to know everything about the area. Something as small as a left-hand turn can affect the business you see, which is why our commercial real estate team does extensive market research on macro and micro scales. We map everything from major roadways and competitors in the area to how long a drive-thru lane is or whether or not there’s enough parking for potential customers.

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We care about your success

The Lerner Company has decades of experience working with retailers, so we know what to look for when researching local markets for your business. We drive each site and examine its advantages and disadvantages, and we customize each aerial and demographic report to you. We know your business goals aren’t the same as another property owner’s or retail tenant’s goals, so we take the time to understand what you need in a commercial property before showing you potential spaces.

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If you’re looking for a commercial real estate company to represent you in a commercial property sale or retail space leasing, contact The Lerner Company today!

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